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By Candace Marie Charbonné

Candace Charbonné and her family faced an unthinkable reality when she was told her 37 week 5 day old baby she was carrying no longer had a heartbeat. In this captivating and heartfelt memoir Candace takes you through the devastating details and raw emotions of giving birth to a stillborn baby, the ensuing grief and the saving Grace of Jesus Christ in her darkest hours.


The details of her faith-filled journey leaves readers in awe of God’s intentional nature through her detailing of everyday miracles and His ability to strengthen and evolve her faith so she could walk the path leading up to the birth of her son Jeremiah 20 months later.


Eliana’s story as told by Candace is the epitomization of a mother’s selfless love transcending death to accept and help her daughter fulfill her God given purpose.



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Heidi .B.

“This book is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. A complete inspiration of a mother's devotion and the grace that God gives us to keep going despite the worst of circumstances. She put her complete trust on God. Her and her family's faith kept them going. I love how they really kept Eliana a part of their family, even after her passing. I couldn't put this book down. As a mom myself I felt every pain of childbirth and I cannot begin to imagine what Candace and her family went through. I also cheered on with her as their son was born 20 months later. This is just really an amazing story of family, loss, grief, and faith.

Meet the author

Candace Marie Charbonné is a devoted Christian wife and mother originally from Trinidad and Tobago. She and her husband, Ross, live in New Jersey and have four children Alexander, Natalie, Jeremiah, and Eliana who is in heaven. She is an avid tennis player, skier, cook and travel enthusiast who intentionally seeks to grow her relationship with God and pray for others. Her life’s goal is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by fulfilling her God given purpose while supporting her husband and children to do the same.

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